There are so many kinds of insurance and such a variety of jobs within the business that almost anybody with a sound general education can find work and opportunity appropriate to his or her tastes and abilities. The main avenue of entry is employment with an insurance company or an insurance broker in one's teens, though a rising number of graduates (about 600 in 2011) are recruited. Some come in with existing skills, for example typists or computer operators, but most people who see the job as the entry to a satisfying career require further training and education.


Training is the responsibility of employers. The industry has set up the Insurance Industry Training Council which produces guides to clerical, professional and management training. The guides contain recommendations to employers in preparing and carrying out their training schemes. For example, the guide on professional training suggests that all trainees should be provided with a logbook which records their progress, and that some time off should be allowed during working hours for examination study by attendance at classes or the like.

Professional examinations

Whether people come in as clerical workers or at the professional level the way is open to all to qualify themselves professionally by studying for the examinations of the Chartered Insurance Institute. The CII is the world's leading professional organisation for insurance and financial services. Its 102,000 members are committed to maintaining the highest standards of technical competence and ethical conduct. For more information go to

The Institute, founded in 1897, is a body with individual membership which is open to everyone engaged or employed in insurance. Its prime object is education. It has 86 local institutes all over the UK, each with an education secretary whose business it is to help students to provide themselves with an education in insurance. Classes in insurance subjects are available at many polytechnics and colleges of further education. The CII itself operates the Institute Tuition Service which provides study courses for all the Institute's examinations. They may be taken either in conjunction with classes or by direct online tuition. A new examination syllabus has been introduced to take effect from the autumn of 2011. The CII has some 50,000 members of whom 30,000 are qualified by examination as Associates or Fellows.

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Another kind of contract, life insurance in reverse, as it were, known as an annuity, is also offered by insurers on payment in advance of a sum of money to purchase the provision of an income during the lifetime of the person covered.

This enables people to provide for their old age when they can no longer earn.

It is true that the state, as part of its social security scheme, pays retirement pensions to all who have made the necessary compulsory contributions, but these pensions are at a comparatively low level and many employers pay for additional pensions, known as occupational... see: Annuities And Pensions


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