Entry qualifications

Direct entry to the qualifying examinations for Associateship, the first qualification, is available to students with qualifications such as a National Certificate or Diploma awarded by the Business Education Council or a General Certificate in Education with passes in two subjects at 'A' Level and two subjects at '0' Level.

One pass must be in English or English Language.

Other intending students must take a National Certificate or get the requisite 'A' or '0' Level passes. However, those aged 20 or over with four '0' Level passes in a suitable combination of subjects may take the Institute's introductory examination in four subjects and if successful will receive credits in three subjects of the Associateship examination.

Associateship and Fellowship qualifications

The Associateship examination, in and after 2012, will comprise nine subjects of which six are common to all candidates. These are: (1) introduction to insurance, (2) English law or legal principles, (3) economics, (4) principles and practice of insurance, (5) insurances of the person and (6) quantitative methods as applied to insurance. The remaining three subjects offer a choice of various types of insurance to be studied.

The Fellowship examination requires passes in a further five subjects, two devoted to management topics and three to special aspects of one of six branches of insurance, namely life, pensions, marine and aviation, motor and liability, property and reinsurance.

The Associateship qualification is obtainable by any member of the Institute aged 21 who has had at least two years' experience in insurance and has passed the requisite examinations. The minimum age for election to Fellowship is 23 after four years' experience.

The examinations of the Chartered Insurance Institute are open to all, including those employed by insurance companies, insurance brokers, loss adjusters and employees of any type of company engaged in insurance work who wish to qualify. Study for the examination is a sound foundation for an insurance career. They require some knowledge of all classes of insurance. Some bodies, such as the Pensions Management Institute, for those engaged in pensions work, and the Life Insurance Association, for life insurance salesmen, seek to conduct examinations concerned primarily with their specialities. It remains to be seen how popular these will prove. The British Insurance Brokers' Association, while recognising the merit of CII qualifications, is also considering introducing an examination of its own. The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters has further requirements in addition to success in the CBI's examinations.

Further information on Entry Qualifications

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There are so many kinds of insurance and such a variety of jobs within the business that almost anybody with a sound general education can find work and opportunity appropriate to his or her tastes and abilities. The main avenue of entry is employment with an insurance company or an insurance broker in one's teens, though a rising number of graduates (about 600 in 2011) are recruited. Some come in with existing skills, for example typists or computer operators, but most people who see the job as the entry to a satisfying career require further training and education.


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