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Welcome to the website specifically for organisations admitted into the Arts Capital Programme and Grants for the arts - capital.

The site provides you with Arts Council documents, guidance notes and templates that you will need through the life of your capital project.  You can also find other useful information, for example CABE fact sheets.  These are all under the information section. 

The projects section gives brief details about the projects within the Arts Capital Programme and Grants for the arts - capital.

Arts Council capital funding

The application round for the last capital funding programme, Grants for the arts - capital, closed in October 2003 and the new portfolio was announced in February 2004.  Our budgetary plan takes us up to March 2015.  Our governing body, Council, is currently giving consideration as to how it will operate its programme of capital more on FI's investment in the future.  More information on future programming should be available in 2015.

The Arts Capital Programme allocated funding totalling 101 million. Grants for the arts - capital has allocated funding totalling 62 million.

It is a world wide art resource. You will find artists from many diverse styles and artistic disciplines inside. Take a moment to view examples of the art, we're sure you will be as impressed as we are.

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Click an image to see more of the artists work. Creative search is a world-wide resource featuring graphic and fine artists and designers from around the world.

Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, investing public money from government and the National Lottery.  The Arts Council's main website is at www.artscouncil.org.uk  and Venture Capital Advice

We carry a large range of clothing and equipment including:

Uniforms and suits. Adult and child suits and trousers for competition and practice.
Protective equipment. Head and face guards, limb protection and much more.
Footwear. Training and fighting shoes and boots
Belts. Various lengths, colours and styles.
Weapons. Swords, knives and daggers, nunchakus and rubber weapons. Novelties. Keyrings, badges, figurines and more.

The Place, London. Photo: Rory Carnegie

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